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July 14, 2017
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July 14, 2017
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Lumbar Support Manual


Relaxor Power Seat Comfort and Lumber Systems – ATD Seattle:

At Relaxor, we are pleased to offer a complete power lumbar solution for your seating comfort requirements. Relaxor power lumbar systems provide optimum seating comfort and control. The power lumbar systems are available with a wide choice of accessory options to suit both the occupant and seating designer.

Manual Lumbar-Support-Systems with Metal Baskets:


Compact 2-Way

Manual Lumbar Assembly


1.Lumbar Travel: In/Out 25mm

2.System Weight: 282g (0.62 lbs.)

3.Four Turn Actuator (effort less than 3Nm)

4.Lumbar Mounted on Mat

5.Length: 228mm, Width: 260mm,

6.Depth: 20mm


Actuator types: Knob (hand wheel) Style, Lever control, Ratchet control



Standard 2-Way
Manual Lumbar Assembly


1.Lumbar Travel: In/Out 35mm

2.System Weight: 350g (0.77 lbs.)

3.5 turn actuator

4.Lumbar Mounted on Guidewire

5.Length: 295mm, Width: 230mm,

6.Depth: 25m


Knob (hand wheel) Style, Lever control Ratchet control, Basket Material: Metal vs. Plastic


4-Way Manual Lumbar AssemblY

1.Lumbar travel in/out: 25 – 40 mm

2.Lumbar travel up/down: 35 – 55 mm

3.Various designs available on customer’s request.