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July 14, 2017
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July 14, 2017
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Lumbar Support Motorized


Relaxor Power Seat Comfort and Lumber Systems – ATD Seattle:

At Relaxor, we are pleased to offer a complete power lumbar solution for your seating comfort requirements. Relaxor power lumbar systems provide optimum seating comfort and control. The power lumbar systems are available with a wide choice of accessory options to suit both the occupant and seating designer.

RELAXOR Massage-Systems:


Roller Massage System

Improves blood flow through rolling action Relieves both upper and lower back region 35 mm in/out – 50 mm up/down
Continuous up/down movement.
Travel and time programmable Lumbar movement during a manual move is infinitely adjustable throughout the travel range Return-to-Position Feature ensures that upon completion or termination of a massage, the unit returns to its original position.


New Generation Massage
with enhanced massage functions

An L&P-massage has a specific motion vectors, a directed movement of the seat back surface to provide several massage effects:

1.Active: activating massage, upwards only

2.Relax: relaxing massage, downwards only

3.Wellness: relaxing and micro-motion (horizontal pressure at 4 levels)

4.Combination: 3x Relax, 1x Wellness, 3x Active