Recliner Italian Venneer
July 14, 2017
Motorized Recliner
July 14, 2017
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Glider, Swivel Recliner (Customized)


1.Today’s lifestyle is all about a casual atmosphere with family and friends.

2.Make your home the place everyone get to gather and relax.

3.The Relaxor Recliner will provide many hours of maximum comfort,

4.from TV viewing to full recline with the smooth, infinite position reclining mechanism.

5.Motorized Recliner:

6.The Motorized Lift Recliner function is operated by the remote control, this allows the user to stand up or sit down from a far more comfortable position placing far less strain on the back.

7.Reclines with the press of a button to the user’s required level.

8.U. S. A Mechanism and Germany Motors